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Is your driveway starting to crack? Does it seem like the breaks in your parking lot are growing? We provide the best asphalt crack repair in Southern MD. Our experts have years of experience in this field and can fix any surface damage large or small. We use high-quality materials that will last and provide the best possible service. Call us today for a free estimate!

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Why Repair Asphalt Cracks in Southern MD?

A lot of homeowners and business owners don’t even realize their surfaces are deteriorating. Why should you hire a professional as soon as possible to stop it?

Longer Lasting

It’s so common and popular because it does a much better job at resisting damage than concrete. This material is able to withstand changes in climate and temperature with less cracking or deterioration which means you can use it year-round in any area!

Saves Money

Your wallet will thank you! By fixing cracks professionally before they get too large, you’ll prevent expensive projects later on down the line (water damage, foundation issues, and more!).

Increases Real Estate Value

Are you trying to sell your home or business? Fixing damage will increase real estate value. Potential buyers will be impressed by your commitment to maintenance. And it’ll give them confidence that you’ve kept up the rest of the property.

We Address All Types of Cracking

Most people don’t realize how many different types of cracking there are! There’s a wide range. But don’t worry! Our team has the know-how to fix them all.

    • Longitudinal
    • Reflection
    • Transverse
    • Block
    • Fatigue
    • Slippage
    • And More!

    High-Quality Driveway, Parking Lot, & Road Crack Repair


    This type of crack is often called alligator cracking because of its appearance. It develops when an area has been heavily used. It’s often the result of load-related damage. It can ruin a parking lot or driveway quickly, but our team can fix them with ease!


    True to its name, this type of crack produces large rectangular breaks. This usually happens when changes in temperature cause the material to shrink. Block cracks are considered to be structurally dangerous as they will weaken and break up parking lots and other surfaces.


    This is a large separation in the pavement caused by the tension of the material. It runs parallel to the direction of traffic and can vary in width from a few centimeters to a couple of meters or more. In most cases, this type is related to problems with the material, such as erosion.


    This is a small, localized crack. It appears when water seeps deep into the material and then evaporates or freezes and expands. The most common causes are: running water either on the surface or below, surface tension, and fuel tanks. These can weaken the area and create unsafe conditions for vehicles.


    These go across the surface of something. They can be damaging because it makes the area uneven.


    This occurs when the layers of material that make up the surface shift (often because of poor maintenance). This type of damage is characterized by a long, thin crack that originates from one end of the material. They may also be identified by loose pieces of debris near their origin point.

    Triangle Asphalt Services in Southern MD

    We repair all types of cracks with ease! We’ll assess your needs and give you an estimate before we begin any work. You’ll enjoy the utmost safety for your property while we fix your problem with quality materials that are guaranteed to last!

    Should I Repair or Replace it?

    A lot of people think that when they see cracks in their driveways or sidewalks, they need to replace them completely because there might not be anything else left to do but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is that most cracks are just minor problems and don’t actually extend all the way through the pavement so while replacing it entirely may seem like your only option at first glance, usually there are other more affordable options available for homeowners looking to fix up their property without breaking the bank!

    Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor for the Job


    • How severe is the damage?
    • What options do you have to fix it?
    • Should you repair or replace it?
    asphalt crack filling southern md
    The right contractor should be able to evaluate your paving needs and answer these questions. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not your home needs new pavement yet, call us today. We’ll recommend the best service for your property and give you a free estimate for the project!

    Asphalt Paving Contractor Services

    • Asphalt Paving & Repair
    • Crack Filling & Sealing
    • Line Striping & Design
    • Sealcoating

    About Us

    Our team is always ready to provide professional advice and effective solutions for all your paving needs. Your property will appreciate the TLC! And your wallet will thank you later. Call us today for a free estimate!

    Your Local Driveway Repair Team is Here to Help!

    A driveway provides many benefits to a home. It is where friends are greeted, the family car is parked, and children play. That’s why it’s important to have a properly maintained surface that offers safety and beauty. One of the most common problems property owners face with their is cracking due to weather damage or settling soil. Fortunately for homeowners, the damage caused by these cracks can be easily fixed by our team of pros!

    We Fix Commercial Property Too!

    As a business owner, it’s hard to juggle all the responsibilities of running a company. Parking lot maintenance can easily be postponed or procrastinated. But having a poorly maintained parking lot could mean missing out on potential customers. Your parking area is the first impression that potential customers get of your company. What does it say about you? Does it communicate that you care about the safety of your visitors? We can give your commercial property a face lift! Give us a call today.

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