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Line striping is a process that marks boundaries, lanes, spots to park, traffic flow, pedestrian walkways, and more. This marking is done by applying white, yellow, and blue lines to the ground, so travelers clearly understand the traffic rules. Parking lot stripping enhances the appearance of your property because it gives your lot a more uniform look. It can also help reduce traffic congestion, prevent accidents, and provide a safer environment for pedestrians who are walking through these areas. Triangle Asphalt Services offers the best line striping services in Southern MD.

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Benefits of Line Striping in Charles County

Good Communication

This service is an essential way to communicate with your customers. When it’s done right, these lines will tell drivers where to park and what direction traffic should flow. It’ll also provide marked areas for pedestrians to walk.

ADA Parking Spaces

Is your lot ADA complaint? Our technicians are trained on how to provide properly designated accessible parking spaces at your facility.

Increased Safety

This service improves safety and prevents accidents by providing a designated path for drivers and pedestrians to follow.

Parking Lot Maintenance Southern MD

If this service is done improperly, it might be difficult to find open spaces to park. You might have vehicles parked or standing in areas you never intended.

You can also increase your liability by not providing this service. For example, if someone is injured on your commercial property because the safety markers are faded or non-existent, you as the property owner could be held responsible. Line striping is also important for automobile insurance purposes.

When you use a company like Triangle Asphalt Services for asphalt maintenance, you can rest assured that they will do all of the necessary prep work before they start. This ensures that their job meets all of your specifications and leaves your property looking its best at the end of the day!

Dangers of Neglecting Road & Highway Maintenance

Collisions & Accidents

One of the dangers associated with not maintaining lane markings is that it can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Drivers might not be able to tell when their lane ends or when another lane is merging into theirs. This results in collisions and accidents.

Delays & Congestion

Badly maintained road markings confuse drivers. And this can slow traffic, increase congestion, and cause unnecessary delays.

Triangle Asphalt Services in Southern MD

Line striping is an important part of any road or highway. When properly painted, it can help prevent accidents and make it easier for drivers to keep traffic moving in a safe way. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to paint road markings the right way. Call us today for a free estimate!

Why Choose Use?

Whenever you’re selecting a service provider to work on your property, you want to look for an established company with years of experience. Triangle Asphalt Services has been paving, repairing, and painting asphalt for decades and can give you the best possible assistance. Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible line striping experience.

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Our Line Striping & Design Services

Whether you need lane lines, parking lot stripes, or pedestrian walkways, we can help!


Impressed pavement markers are installed to provide contrast and visibility. They are used by school bus drivers for drop-off zones, by local governments for bus lanes in cities, or to mark out handicap parking space zones.


Yellow safety tape is used in parking lots near pedestrian walkways, storefronts, and other high-traffic areas where people are walking. It provides clear boundaries of the walkway so that drivers can see it clearly. It is also used by cities to mark out bike lanes and travel paths for pedestrians.


We offer road marking paint, which contains reflective glass beads for nighttime visibility. This material will last longer than tape so if your parking lot experiences heavy foot traffic at night, it’s best to have properly applied road marking paint. It can also be used for lane stripes and other long-term projects.

Our Process

It wouldn’t do much good to slap a new coat of paint on a house that’s falling apart. Similarly, our parking lot and roadway lines are excellent. But they’ll last much longer and do more good if you’re surface is smooth and fully repaired. How do we get it ready for paint?

#1 Assess
The first thing we need to do is determine the condition of your asphalt. Our professionals can assess the needs of your property. We may recommend crack filling, patching, or even a full replacement.
#2 Repair
Once we know your needs, our team can get to work. While repairing cracks and full replacements are more expensive, they’re also the best option for keeping the material under your lines in good shape. If you have a small area that’s starting to break down, patching is quick and easy.
#3 Applying Lines
Now that your everything is smooth and repaired, we can paint the lines! For best results, we’ll make sure your surface is fully set and dried before we begin.
#4 Maintenance & Upkeep
Have your markings started to fade? Do you want to redesign your parking area? Then it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. We’ve got you covered!

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