The great power of your reviews

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Yes, your reviews play a great part in the constant moving machine that online purchases or services are. If you have ever wondered just how much influence customer reviews have over services requested and purchasing decisions, then take note:  In research conducted by this year, 93% of customers will read online reviews before making a purchase, with 47% spreading the word about a positive experience and a striking 95% shouting from the rooftops about a negative experience.


Quite simply, reviews are an important deciding factor for a lot of potential customers. Reviews help build trust between the customer and the business. A large number of reviews combined with great reviews help build immediate trust. So, help us help you by leaving us a review on one or many of the following sites so that your neighbors can get a peek into the quality services we offer. We would love to read them and share them to let others know the power of your review!


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