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Benefits of Professional Asphalt Paving in Bryans Road & St. Charles, Maryland

Driveway paving in Bryans Road & St. Charles, MD is a big investment and also a great way to enhance the exterior appearance of your home. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right contractor for the job. What might look like a great bargain on a new driveway might end up costing you more in the long run due to improper installation and low-quality materials. Here are some of the benefits of hiring our team:


  1. Hard-working professionals and high-quality equipment ensure you get excellent results!
  2. Close attention to detail and budget-friendly services
  3. Annual maintenance services so that you don’t have to re-pave or seal coat yourself
  4. Boost the curb appeal of your property and add to its aesthetic appeal
  5. Extend the life of your driveway and save money on long-term maintenance costs

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How Often Should You Pave Your Driveway?

 Our paving services should last up to 20 years if the driveway is maintained regularly. How long your pavement lasts also depends on other factors like the weather conditions and the amount of heavy vehicle traffic it gets.

asphalt driveway paving in charles county

Driveway Maintenance Tips

Inspect the pavement regularly.

Reseal every 3-5 years depending on the amount of wear and tear the pavement endures.

Fix cracks as soon as possible.

Pressure wash the surface once a year to eliminate harmful contaminants that deteriorate the pavement.

To Repave or Repair?

Repairing small sections of your driveway costs significantly less than replacing the whole thing, but repaving provides a fresh new look. We will inspect your pavement and determine which service you need depending on the level of damage. For example, if we see severe cracking or potholes throughout the surface, full repaving may be necessary.


Sealcoating in Saint Charles

Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective sealant to an asphalt surface. The sealer provides additional protection against cracks and harsh weathering. Sealant is most effective when applied during the more mild months of the year, such as springtime, because it limits the effects of sun exposure and excessive heat on the new coating.


Is Sealcoating Asphalt Necessary?

Is resurfacing really necessary, though? There are several benefits of investing in this service for your residential or commercial property:

Extends Property Life

Sealcoating maximizes the life of your driveway and helps you save money on long-term maintenance costs. Over time, many factors such as temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, and daily vehicle traffic will cause cracks to develop. This leads to water and air getting into the asphalt and deteriorating it at a much faster rate. By sealing the pavement, you protect it from these elements and extend its life.

Prevents Moisture Damage

Sealant fills chasms and holes in the pavement with a flexible rubberized mix, providing an enduring waterproofing seal that prevents moisture from seeping underneath the surface.

Promotes Aesthetic Appeal

Not only does asphalt seal coating protect you against harmful chemicals and prevent cracks from forming – but it also promotes aesthetic appeal and can help increase curb appeal for potential home buyers.

Improves Safety

Sealant improves the skid resistance of the surface, providing a safer driveway and walkway for your family and visitors.

Provides Easier Maintenance

A sealed surface is easier to clean! Save time and energy down the road with a simple sealant coating!

How Long Does Driveway Sealer Last?

Many people think that because their pavement is sealed, it will never need to be resealed again. This is not true. The sealant can wear off after time and will need to be replaced. It’s best to reseal your road every few years (though this frequency will depend on the amount of wear and tear it gets). If you don’t, the sealant won’t do its job and your driveway may be more susceptible to moisture damage and cracking.

Crack Filling Service in Bryans Road

For small damage and cracking, we offer crack filling! We can take care of a variety of crack types, including fatigue and block cracks that bring down the aesthetic appeal of your property. We have the experience and tools necessary to get this job done safely and efficiently. Our team provides overlays, patchwork, and filling for minor surface cracks.


Why You Should Fix Pavement Cracking

It’s crucial to fill cracks that are at least one inch long with asphalt sealant. These types of small cracks might not seem like an immediate danger to your property, but they can lead to bigger issues down the road if they’re left untreated. As the sun heats up the blacktop and craters form over time, water is able to seep through the surface and cause even more damage. If you notice any emerging cracks in your driveway, have them filled as soon as possible before it becomes a much larger problem.

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Line Striping and Design Services for Commercial Properties in Bryans Road & St. Charles

We also serve commercial clients throughout Bryans Road! Revamp your parking lot or garage with our line striping services. Line striping not only marks off lanes, parking spots, and pedestrian walkways. It eases the flow of traffic and provides a safer driving area for your customers and employees. It also boosts the curb appeal of your business’ property and makes it look more organized and maintained overall.

Benefits of Line Striping for Your Business

  • Ensure your lot is ADA compliant
  • Boost pedestrian and driver safety
  • Ease traffic flow
  • Boost the appearance of your property
  • Maintain professional reputation with organized pavement markings

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