Do you love history? Then you’ll enjoy visiting the Thomas Stone National Historic Site in Port Tobacco, MD! It’s a great place to bring the kids because it’s fun and educational. It’s also a nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace and quiet. Here are three reasons you should visit this fascinating historical site!

#1 Easy Trails

The walking trails at this park are peaceful and not too strenuous. If you’re looking for a difficult hike, this isn’t the spot for you. But if you’d like to take a gentle stroll, you can choose between these two trails.

Stone Family Cemetery Loop

This path will take you from the Visitor Center to the cemetery where Thomas and his family are buried. You can also follow it to the main house or the main road of the park. It’s an easy half a mile of strolling, mostly on a wooden boardwalk.

Outbuilding Trail

If you want a little bit more of a challenge, take this path from the Horse Barn towards a steeper section called the Hog Hole Run Trail. Along the way, you can tour the Corn Crib, the Tabacco Bar, and the Tenant House. The walk is about one and a half miles long. It takes most people 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

#2 Become a Junior Ranger

We love National Parks! And if you’re reading this, you probably do too. You can become a Junior Ranger at this historic site no matter how old (or how young) you are. After you’ve been approved, you’ll get a badge! And you’ll get to participate in live and virtual junior ranger fun! Here are a few things you might do…

  • Participate in the common 18th-century pastime of exchanging and solving riddles!
  • Find out what it would be like to scout with Colonel Stone!
  • Learn about the archeological significance of this site!

#3 The History


You might be wondering, who was Thomas? We know, of course, that he was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. But what moved him to make such a life-altering and nation-changing decision? Signing that document would require great sacrifice. He’d likely be risking all that he had, owned, and even his life. You can learn about one of the 55 signers of the declaration right here!

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